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The TollfreeIndia IBS turnkey solutions consist of the following:

  • Evaluation of the facility
  • Site wire line design
  • Site wireless design
  • Preparation of BOM
  • Equipment provisioning (includes approval / test of alternate vendors)
  • Equipment implementation, test and commissioning
  • Site maintenance and management
  • Interconnect management with all service providers

 We provide a spectrum of solutions with the following factors in mind:

  • Coverage shaping
  • Capacity
  • Capacity shaping and control
  • Interference control and spectrum efficiency
  • Integration into network
  • Time to deployment
  • Time to optimization
  • Multi-band or multi-operator / service provider
  • Future needs
  • Environmental concerns and radiation impact

In-building communication networks provide a solution to un-penetrated and zero coverage areas as well as weakly networked / covered areas, distributing connectivity in areas where you need it most, such as, malls, hotels, airports, stadiums, metro and railway stations; office & residential buildings, elevators, food courts, bars, restaurants, meeting areas, conference rooms, parking lots, playgrounds, recreational areas, basements, service areas, common areas or virtually anywhere within your facility.

We forge strategic alliances with exceptional complementary service and equipment providers (where necessary). These range from global providers of fiber optic solutions, RF and Wireless coverage solutions and best of breed installation contractors. Our goal is to ensure that we are in a position to offer choice. We evaluate which in-building solution is right for your facility and their users needs and then design / implement them.

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