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TollfreeIndia Optical Communication has high-precision specialized equipment and state-of-art grinding technology. Its main products are ceramic ferrule, fibre patch cords and various adaptors.

Fiber Optic Patch Panel

1. Model: 01-01000 Features Material: SPCC or AL. 19¡±standard slide-out design, easy and convenient on assembling Cabinet surface covered with electrostatic powder coating, luxury and beautiful Adjustable arms with high capacity. RAL7035©}RAL9011 available. Bend radius of optical fiber ¡Ý40mm Easy to access the back and splice tray.

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Fiber optic attenuators are devices that reduce signal power in fiber optic links by inducing a fixed or variable loss. They are used to control the power level of optical signals at the outputs of light sources and electrical-to-optical (E/O) converters. They are also used to test the linearity and dynamic range of photo sensors and photo detectors.

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Ceramic Ferrules

Ceramic ferrules are the core components of fiber optic products. Its quality determines in great sense the performance of other components such as connectors,patch cord etc.

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Ceramic Sleeves

Ceramic sleeves are mainly used in adaptors. They would be used to connect and align two inserted ceramic ferrules together. Different sleeves can be manufactured in accordance to the customers' needs.

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Patch Cords

The choices of connectors are LC, FC, SC, ST, MU, MTRJ, MPO, FAN OUT; SM,MM available; Single fiber,Parallel twin fiber 2*2, indoor/outdoor bundle cable 2-72 fiber available; any length of fiber from 0.2-100m available.

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Fiber Stub/Special Ferrule

We can manufacture these stubbed ferrules under contract to satisfy our customers' specific needs.

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We have SC, FC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MU connectors; their outer diameters are 0.9mm, 2mm, 3mm; PC, UPC, APC available; Single mode, multimode available; Simplex, duplex available.

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These adaptors are comprised of a polymer/metal outer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism. These adaptors are precision made and manufactured to demanding specifications. The combination of a ceramic or phosphor bronze alignment sleeves and a precision molded polyer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance.

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Other PON products

PON products have no electrical power or signal-processing requirement, thus provide a cost savings to the service provider. The application of PON technology for providing broadband connectivity in the access network to homes, multiple-occupancy units, and small businesses commonly is called fiber-to-the-x(FTTX).

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