Overhead Electrical Aluminum Conductor

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  • HAL: Hard-drawn Aluminum Wires for Electric Purposes
  • ACC: Stranded Hard-drawn Aluminum Conductor
  • HCSR:  Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced
  • ACSR: Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced -Galvanized Steel Wires
  • TACSR: Thermal-resistant Aluminum - alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced
  • ACSR/AW: Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum-clad Steel Reinforced
  • AWS: Stranded Aluminum-clad Steel Conductor
  • STACIR: Super Thermal-resistant Aluminum-alloy Conductors, lnvar-reinforced
  • ATACIR/AW: Super Thermal-resistant Aluminum-alloy Conductors, Aluminum-clad Invar-reinforced
  • HSTACIR/AW: High-strength Super Thermal-resistant Alluminum-alloy Conductors Aluminum-clad Invar Reinforced
  • TACSR/AW: Thermal-resistant Aluminum-alloy Conductors, Aluminum-clad Steel-reinforced
  • HTACSR/AW: High-Strength, Thermal-resistant Aluminum-alloy Conductors, Aluminum-clad Steel Reinforced
  • HAL-OC: Hard-drawn Aluminum Conductor Weather-resistant Insulation Wires
  • ACSR-OC: Aluminum, Steel-reinforced(ACSR) Conductor Weather-resistant Insulation Wire
  • ACSR/AW-OC: Aluminum, Al-clad, Steel-reinforced(ACSR/AW) Conductor Weather-resistant Insulation Wires
  • AAC: Stranded Hard-drawn Aluminum Conductor
  • AL-ALLOY: Hard-drawn Aluminum Wires for Electric Purposes
  • AAAC: Stranded Aluminum-alloy Conductors
  • H.S-ACSR: High-strength Zinc-coated Steel Core Wire for Aluminum and Aluminum-alloy Conductors, Steel Reinforced
  • HAL-OC: “EC” Grade Aluminum Conductor Constructions, Weather-resistant Wire and Cable
  • ACSR/OC: Aluminum, Steel-reinforced(ACSR) Conductor Weather-resistant Insulation Wires
  • AACSR/EST: Aluminum-alloy Conductors, Extra-high Strength Steel Reinforced
  • ACSR/GZ: Aluminum Conductors, Galvanized Steel Reinforced
  • ACSR/AZ: Aluminum Conductors, Aluminized Steel Reinforced






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